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Lies, Damned Lies, and Maine’s Unemployment Rate

THERE’S been much debate about the state’s economy and labor market.  While both continue to improve following the depths of the recession, some have suggested that the labor market is struggling as evidenced by the state’s slow growth rates relative to the rest of the nation.  However, this argument is flawed because the state-to-state or […]

Involuntary part-time work up during the recovery

There’s been a lot of discussion, criticism, and defense to Gov. Paul LePage’s economic record thus far.  One of the larger criticisms is that while the state’s unemployment rate continues to dip, as noted by some, Maine has the 5th highest rate of involuntary part-time work. (click images to enlarge) Unsurprisingly, that rate has increased since the […]

Quick look at Maine Tax Revenues from 2000 to 2013

THERE’S been a bit of discussion on the twittersphere about Maine tax revenues, with some arguing that the record highs in tax revenues legitimizes the LePage Administration’s tax policies–in short, the supply-side argument that cuts to the tax rate will increase economic growth and tax revenues.  Specifically, some have noted that Maine is generating “record” […]

[Updated] Friday Chart: Employment Growth by Governor

THE below graph is an index of employment growth for Maine’s current and previous four governors through their first 39 months in office. (click image to enlarge)  ****In response to some comments I read on Friday, here is a graph indexing employment growth by governor through their first 39 months in office (I haven’t had […]