ADP: Economy adds 230,000 jobs in October

THE national economy added 230,000 private sector jobs in October, according to ADP’s monthly employment report published this morning.  It marks the 6th time in the last 7 months the economy added 200,000+ jobs (August was revised down from 204,000 to 162,000).


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From Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics:

The job market is steadily picking up pace.  Job growth is strong and broad-based across industries and company sizes.  At this pace of job growth unemployment and underemployment is quickly declining.  The job market will soon be tight enough to support a meaningful acceleration in wage growth.

Zandi’s a little sanguine in his comments.  Underemployment is still problematic and declining “quickly”, and there is no sign of wage acceleration.

Here is a quick breakdown of the jobs gains by firm size:

  • Small Businesses (1 – 49 employees): 102,000
  • Medium Businesses (50 – 499):  122,000
  • Large Businesses (500+):  5,000

By sector:

  • Goods producing:  48,000
  • Service providing:  181,000

And by industry:

  • Construction:  28,000
  • Manufacturing:  15,000
  • Trade/trans./utilities:  47,000
  • Financial activities:  4,000
  • Prof./business services:  53,000


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